The renowned Riverdale School District is the heart of the Dunthorpe community.

Established in 1888, as a small public school district, Riverdale’s success is a natural result of an involved community, small class sizes and rigorous academic programs, which encourage critical thinking, foster a life-long love of learning, and cultivate a deep understanding of civic virtue.

The comprehensive K-8 programs at Riverdale Grade School include a Field Studies program, which allows children to explore Oregon’s resources in a hands-on learning environment.

The Field Studies program continues at Riverdale High School, in addition to robust Honors, Arts Programs, and a culminating Senior Exhibition.  Service, volunteerism and civic responsibility are a requirement for graduation and an invaluable step towards helping our young people become good citizens and inspired leaders in their community.

Riverdale School District’s award-winning reputation attracts students, from both within the Dunthorpe community as well as those from those outside the Riverdale District. This unique public/private hybridization of educational excellence continues to enhance the values of Dunthorpe neighborhood homes and helps to reinforce our sense of community. Families develop long-standing and close-knit relationships with one another as their children learn and grow together.

As Dunthorpe community members, our own children are proudly being educated through these exceptional Riverdale Schools.

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