Historic Portland Oregon Sign

Portland’s Luxury Real Estate Communities: A Relocation Destination

Portland is one the country’s foremost relocation destination cities, topping lists every year for prime livability indicators. Intentional, artisanal, and outdoorsy with an eye towards environmental sustainability, Portland’s Metro area (the largest urban area in Oregon) has often been touted as the most European city in America.

Why Portland?

Culture, technology, business, and recreation blend seamlessly here into a lifestyle few can resist. Home to more than two million people, the Portland metro area has something for everyone — from culture (art museums and galleries, ballet, orchestra, opera, theater) to upscale shopping (Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., Apple and H&M) and fine boutiques (like Shinola, Steve Alan, Danner, and Crafty Wonderland), all the way to wineries (like Domaine Drouhin and Penner-Ash), sporting events (Blazers and Timbers, anyone?), and a food scene that has frequently caught national attention, as well as the affection of the New York Times “Best” lists.

Portlanders (and those relocating to Portland) love of all things outdoors is built upon its natural beauty and easy access to its many rivers, lakes, camping, and natural wildlife areas, as well as its proximity to ocean beaches, scenic desert, and its surrounding mountains.

A friendly laid back population and compact urban center make Downtown Portland (and most especially its Uptown neighbor) not only extremely walkable but also a true pleasure to stroll on a weekend afternoon.

Portland’s Finest Neighborhoods

Portland’s most affluent communities and most distinguished homes are all within easy access to the city’s vibrant center. No matter if you’re looking for a cutting-edge, modern space to call home, a historic palatial estate, or something in between, Portland’s distinctive upscale communities have something for even the most discerning of tastes.

Whether they’re discreetly hidden away from the hustle and bustle high up in the West Hills, stretched along the banks of a waterfront, safely tucked in the woodland arms of Oregon’s old growth forests, or showcasing their elegance in Portland’s regal, grand historic communities, Portland’s finest neighborhoods offer more than just a place to live — they offer a sense of community rich enough in which to grow.

Let me be your guide to these neighborhoods, unlocking their secrets and revealing each of their unique personalities, as I assist you in finding a place special enough to call home.