Gluten-free dumplings from Jade Bistro & Patisserie

The start of a new year is the perfect time for all of us to hit the reset button, as we work towards being the very best versions of ourselves we can be. If you’re like most of us, you may have resolved to get your eating habits back on track and that may include eschewing carbs or even going gluten-free.

With the popularity of diet trends like Keto, Paleo, and Whole 30 (and a greater awareness of the needs of our celiac friends and family members) going gluten-free has never been easier—especially here in the simultaneously health-conscious and food-obsessed city of Portland, Oregon. 

Portland: The best place to be gluten-free

Portland’s legendary rainfall brings with it the lush green that surrounds our beautiful city year-round and keeps us flush with some of the freshest, most beautiful organic fruits and vegetables, wild-caught fish and pasture-raised meats and having access to all these fresh, natural whole foods makes it exceptionally easy to go gluten-free without feeling like you’re missing out.

A brief look around the Portland NextDoor neighborhood boards quickly garners a list of the very best places for gluten-free goodness in our neck of the woods.

Here’s what your friends and neighbors on NextDoor have to say about the best in gluten-free dining in Portland:

  •  Jade Bistro for Vietnamese “most of their menu is GF and all items are clearly marked as GF on the menu.”
  • New Cascadia Traditional and Gluten-Free Gem are the best gluten-free bakeries in the area!
  • “Local chain, Pastini Pasteria will sub gluten-free ziti or spaghetti in most dishes.”
  • Devil’s Dill features New Cascadia baguette for their hearty GF sandwiches.”
  • Dick’s Kitchen for yummy burgers on either lettuce or a GF bun.” 
  • Little Big Burger will make ’em for ya on lettuce instead of a bun and their fries are gluten-free.”
  • Eb and Bean is great for family froyo time (dairy-free is even available) with GF toppings!”
  • Boke Bowl for some super scrummy GF Fried chicken ramen made with glass yam noodles or the GF fried chicken bowl with assorted veggies (also rice tots- YUM!)”
  • Pollo Norte: “Everything but the beer is GF.” 
  • Por Que No: “Most tacos and bowls here are GF.” 
  • Nong’s Khao Man Gai has a GF version.” 
  • Harlow is hands down my favorite!” 
  • Cibo has a nice gluten-free pizza and I was thrilled to find out that Blackbird Pizza at 20th and Hawthorne has gluten-free pizza by the slice!” 
  • Ground Breaker Brewery is completely gluten-free.”
  • Bamboo Sushi offers gluten-free soy sauce and tempura!” 
  • Deschutes Brewery has GF menu.” 
  • Mississippi Pizza has good GF pizza.” 
  • Sparky’s has in-house homemade GF pizza dough.”
  • “Everything at Cubo IS or can be made gluten-free! Baby doll pizza has the best gf crust I’ve ever had and a dedicated oven. Teote is all gf and amazing! Poblano’s is my go-to for Mexican food they have homemade corn tortillas for tacos.”  
  • Dot’s Cafe has great burgers and other gf options Off the Griddle and Off the Waffle have great breakfast options too!” 
  • Beulahland on NE 28th has fantastic gluten-free waffles.
  • Nuestra Cocina on Division is GF inherently because of the type of cuisine”
  • Maru Ramen has gf ramen.”
  • “Looking for cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and cinnamon rolls try Kyra’s Bake Shop in Lake Oswego! She is a 4x winner on cupcake wars. Her combinations are amazing and don’t taste like cardboard like some gluten-free options.”
  • “I love Full Moon Thai.”
  • Butterfly Belly in NW is a dedicated GF pan-Asian restaurant. They are also MSG-free. It is the only place I can eat Pho and not have a reaction.”

NOTE: As always, if you’re celiac be sure to tell the waitstaff at any restaurant or dining establishment so that they can inform the cooks to avoid any cross-contamination in the kitchen.